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Upcycled Coats and Hats Hit the Catwalk at the 19th ArtWear Biennial

The 19th ArtWear Biennial at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, a national juried exhibit and fashion show, features four of Screen Door Studios upcycled coats and ten hats. It is an honor to be chosen for this event and have my creations alongside the work of other gifted wearable art artists. 

Screen Door Studios upcycled coats and hats were part of a theatrical fashion show and are currently on sale at the Lincoln Center. The 19th ArtWear Biennial is dedicated to highlighting the work of wearable art artists. The goal of the show is to present innovative and wearable art of the highest quality. It also provides a forum for artists to share their enthusiasm for an exploration of techniques and materials. 

The 19th ArtWear Biennial sale continues at the Lincoln Center October 24, 25, and  26th from 12-6 PM and proceeds will be donated to the Lincoln Center Visual Arts Program.  

In addition, I have been invited to be a part of Technique Tables were I will share how I make my bottle cap bead jewelry and embellish my hats on Saturday October 26th from 12-3 PM at the Lincoln Center.  I invite all of you to stop by and visit and take in the fabulous clothes of this exhibit.

Santa Fe, African Beads, and Bakai

Whenever in Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Flea Market is a must-go, as it is the Mother-of-All-Flea-Markets. And whenever I visit it, I am in heaven. Once when I got there very late, there were tables and tables of African beads, and I wanted to buy all of them. I was overwhelmed by the colors and textures of the beads.

My mantra is you can never have too many beads. People who collect beads understand this. Not only are they beautiful, but I believe I am holding history in my hand and I wonder, especially with African beads, where has this bead been, and how many hands have held the beads before they I fell in love with them and added this particular string of beads to my collection.

On one trip, I came very close to the Santa Fe Flea Market closing time and found the majority of bead traders were packing up. There was one particular bead trader, Bakai Saho, offered to unpack his beads for me. I told him that I could not take up his generous offer. I have done many art fairs and know how long it takes to pack and unpack all of your goods. I gave him my contact information and Bakai said, if he was ever in Fort Collins, he surely would look me up.

A year went by and totally forgot about Bakai until my cell rang. Bakai Saho was in Fort Collins. We finally arranged to get together and it was a start of a friendship, a collaboration and business venture.

I could tell many stories about Bakai, but maybe later. I did many markets with him selling his beads. This is where I fell with African beads and their stories. Beads are a mainstay in my jewelry. At Screen Door Studios, I have a wide selection of African beads for sale and many pieces of jewelry made from African beads, which continue to inspire me.

Stay tuned, as I plan on sharing the stories of my favorite beads and how I used them in my jewelry.