Join the Celebration: Champagne Bottle Cap Bead Necklaces


Champagne corks and everything about them is intriguing. From the cork to the basket to the metal cap that is under the basket over the cork—all of these aspects have been a particular interest to me.


I have been known to purchase beer or soda because I like the design of the caps, but all bets are off when it comes to champagne. I have no idea what’s under the foil that covers the cork and basket and champagne cap.


It’s a mystery. Additionally, good champagne is a bit pricey and I need two metal champagne caps to make one bead. It’s all chance and luck. Once you remove the foil and see what’s underneath, then the inspiration and magic begins.


I put the word out to all my friends to save the baskets and bottle caps for every bottle of champagne they uncorked for every lifetime event they celebrated—weddings and anniversaries, or if, by chance, they ever launched a boat. I found the variety of champagne caps astounding.


I pound the caps out like beer bottle caps although the metal is more stout and it takes a heavy hammer to remove the four creases in the sides. The good news is the caps do not need to be disced like beer bottle caps.


Champagne cap beads need to be shaped and sanded, but the metal is thicker than other bottle caps. The process of turning champagne caps into beads is longer and requires a lot more muscle power.


To make champagne beads is difficult, but the effort makes larger and, I think, more beautiful beads. The champagne caps are more pictorial and may not include the name of the brand. Each champagne cap bead I create is a celebration and I can hear the pop of the cork and my friends celebrating important life events.

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