“My Humanity is Bound Up in Yours, For We Can Only Be Human Together.” – Desmond Tutu


Whenever I sit down to create a zipper person for my Humanity Pins, their upper body is always a YKK Zipper. YKK zippers come in many sizes, shapes and colors just like people. Each pin is as individual as each one of us. When I make my Humanity Pins, I visualize a human skeleton and use different materials to represent and interpret our body parts with an eye to proportion. I also consider the beauty of our diverse bodies.


Their upper bodies are created from a YKK zipper. The trunks are always two electrical resistors of assorted patterns, colors and sizes. The thighs are a rainbow of beads. A femur is sometimes a bugle bead or a random collection of beads according to my whimsy. The knees are sometimes larger than other beads. The legs are multi-colored beads just like the arms.


Each head is distinctive—some have faces and some merely have colored beads. A few people have hair made from pounded out copper or aluminum. Several of the people may be grasping something with their hands or a mysterious item dangling from their feet.


Humanity Pins are made to make you and others smile whenever you wear one. I hope you will have as much joy wearing this pin as I did when I created it. Each 3 figure pin is its own unique wearable mini-sculpture.

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