The Birds of Kenya Squash Blossom Necklace and Earring Set


Violet backed Superb Starling. Lilac-breasted Roller. Carmine Bee-eater. Somali Ostrich. The birds of Kenya are resplendent with purple and pink and are the inspiration for this squash blossom necklace made from vintage glass Mali wedding beads hanging from copper wire wrapped YKK zippers. The vintage Mali wedding beads are translucent white, opaque pink and white striped, pink and black striped, and purple and white striped. Two large brass leaf-shaped beads from Ghana accent the necklace. The most spectacular bead are the Ghana brass beads made from throwaway metals of big industrial companies and everyday items such as locks and padlocks. The intricate brass beads are made by the lost wax method which dates back to 9th Century Nigeria. This necklace is inspired by the squash blossom necklace’s of the Navjo, Hopi and Zuni of the American Southwest. Necklace is strung on a leather cord.

Brass Round Metal
Fancy Brass Wire
Brass Round
Large Brass Leaf


6.1 oz.
19 inches
Gold-Colored Lobster Claw

Hexagonal translucent white Mali wedding beads wired to denim copper rivets.
Weight: .03 oz.
Gold-colored Leverback Earring Wires

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Weight 6.13 oz


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