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       Arrived back in Kenya on January 1, 2016.

First stop:  Samburu, Archers Post

We attended the celebration for the recent Samburu Youth Education graduates and met the incoming scholarship recipients.  We then went on to Lorubae Primary to check on the library that was delivered in 2015.  The original plan for the library included its own room, specifically designated for the library.  It was discovered that the room chosen for the library had been turned into a classroom.  Most of the library books were still in boxes and some were set out on shelves in the staff room.  The staff was encouraged to set aside a room specifically for the library.  They said they had a room in mind and we were showed the space.  There was a lot of work to be done to make it useable.  After our departure, they did convert the room to a library and followed thru with their plans.  (forwarded email of the library with text on how they had implemented things.)

Unity Women's Village and the sewing machine donated in 2014:  We checked in with the women to see how things were going with the sewing machine project started in 2014.  We discovered the machine had not been working properly for quite awhile.  Upon closer inspection, we found it was rusted and very dirty- it was not repairable.  The women told us there had been tribal unrest in the area and they had fled the village.  When they returned, they discovered the the treadle sewing machine abandoned outside of their village.  The tool box, parts and supplies we had left with the women in 2014 had also been stolen.  There are plans to replace their machine with another treadle sewing machine we will bring from Fort Collins, CO in June 2017

Next stop:

Il Polei, Laikipia North

During our 2015 trip, the Maasai community expressed a desire for a community library.  We determined that the library would be delivered in January of 2016 but would also include enough library books for a secondary school library, and some books for the primary school.  There was a discussion within the community to construct a separate building to house the library.

   The community has the land for the building but was not able to raise the required funds for construction.  They resolved to temporarily house the community library at the Maasai Cricket Warriors Recreational Facility  (photos of the inside of the facility, Maasai Cricket Warriors, and Maasai Cricket Warriors with the delivered books).  The Secondary School library books were delivered to the school (photo of teachers, students with the books).


A Singer treadle sewing machine donated by a Fort Collins resident was transported with us from Fort Collins to the Twala Cultural Womens Resource Center.  We delivered and reassembled it.  There are currently some issues with the machine but there is every confidence they will be resolved before our return in January 2017.

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