Screen Door Studios banner. Recycled and Reclaimed Art, Whimsy and Wearables

     My vision for the Screen Door Studios Gallery is a gathering place for artisans and patrons to partake in an eclectic creative environment. Vintage styles mix with modern art, complimented by world crafts and beaded jewelry that astonishes. Screen Door Studios is an inclusive eco-responsible exhibition space for quality artworks from diverse creators.

     I am a recycle artist/reclamation engineer.  My art is heavily influenced and draws inspiration directly from my experiences in Kenya- the animals, people, colors, birds and landscape.  My goal in my art is to take something considered trash and to transform it into something beautiful.  I am not bound to one particular form of art but consider the sky is the limit....... from bottle caps to recycled wool sweaters—I want to experience all of it!

     - Karen Canino

An outdoor photo of our Screen Door Studios wooden sign.

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